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Oversoul is a free online PVP turn-based combat Battle Card MMO game that plays right inside your browser! Collect cards by battling over 190 monsters and other players in turn-based combat. Cut the deck and hit’em hard in high-score leaderboard tournaments... because the most important game to play when your luck runs high is the one where you possess all the cards!

  • Free to play right in your browser (no downloads or installs)
  • Card Game Battle System
  • Multiplayer Role Playing Game
  • Defeat monsters for a chance to possess them
  • Battle computer controlled monsters or other players
  • Unlock additional content with Soul Gems

Login and play using the "ONE LOGIN TO RULE THEM ALL!" Hint: That is the same login you use to to play EpicDuel, HeroSmash or log into this site.



LIVE: Light Card Series!

Posted on May 31, 2013 by Nulgath

Game Update v0.8.7

Light Card Series release (New Card Penance: Discard 1 card and use 3 mana to gain 600 Health)

Six New Light Based Characters:

  1. Maiden Aegea
  2. Princess Aegea
  3. Queen Aegea
  4. Priest of Ver
  5. Archpriest of Ver
  6. Seraphim of Ver

Coming Soon!

  • Only 3 Element Series will be up at a time. Ice Series will be removed once the next Series is released after Light. All basic elemental series will be re-introduced into a seasonal rotation.
  • Character suggestion contest is set for next week. There will be a separate contest for art and story. Stay tuned for more details!



Mini Release: Rainbowtheus!

Posted on May 23, 2013 by Nulgath

Bi-Weekly Releases has Officially Begun!

Although, bi-weekly releases has offcially started we have a mini release for you!

If you remember, a couple weeks ago Rev entered a photo contest to try to win the prize. With your support he got more than enough votes to win. Although, the contest has yet to officially announce the winner, we all could see he was 500+ votes ahead of all the other entries. So as promised, Rainbowtheus will be released for FREE! Grab him in the character shop now and use your Rainbow powers! He'll be removed this Tuesday!

Coming Next Week!

  • Light Card Series
  • New characters: Amazons and Seraphim ( Both characters will have a Veteran and Master rank up making a total of 6 characters )

Bug Fixes / Improvements

1) Card Customization screen no longer needs to load constantly.  It is
much faster now.
2) There was a fix for the double-victory bug when an enemy kills itself
with reflected damage.
3) The Goblin character was not spawning anywhere - so I added it to the
hork fort area with a 75 spawn.



LIVE: Shadow Card Series!

Posted on May 17, 2013 by Nulgath

Game Update v0.8.4

  • Shadow Card Series Released!

3 New Shadow Characters:

  • Master Drow Assassin. A second Rank up choice of the Shadow Apprentice
  • Master Flesh Void. A second Rank up choice from the male Void Incarnate
  • Legendary DreadFiend purchasable directly in Malakai's Shop

Coming Soon!

  • Ability to Delete Cards
  • Character Suggestion Contest


Shadow Series Next Week!

LIVE: Frost Queen Legendary

Posted on May 10, 2013 by Nulgath

Mini Release!

Game Update v0.8.4

The Frost Queen Legendary form is LIVE!

The team is going through some major changs this week. The Oversoul team's time is being split to help on multiple projects. Although, this new change was a surprise to the team, it's a required step to get the company moving towards it's goals as a whole. As a result, Oversoul will soon move to a bi-weekly release. More details in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Shadow Series

Next week we should have the Shadow Series deck ready for launch.

Stun Bug Fixe

The stun bug that locked you down while the computer proceeded to kill you seems to be addresses. It seems the game engine must have developed a mind of it's own and hacked players preventing them from attacking.



LIVE: Card Customization!

Posted on May 03, 2013 by Nulgath

Game Update v0.8.0

Card Customization Terminology Explained

  • Card Series: Each Series will consist of up to 12 cards. Rarity is measured with stars: 1 (most common) to 5 stars (rarest)
  • Card Packs. Each time you purchase from the Card Series you will randomly be given 5 cards from the series. SoulGem Packs have more chances to get rare cards.
  • Equipping Cards: You may equip up to 5 extra cards from card series for use in battle by clicking on the cards in the list. Your equipped cards are shown in the slots at the bottom of the screen.
  • Battle: These cards are mixed in with your character cards in battle. They are separate from your character's cards and are used with any character you have equipped.

Card Series Rotation

After the intitial release of all elemental card series we will begin to release certain Cards Packs in seasons. During these specific seasons, we will be re-releasing and introducing new card packs. These new series will probably reflect upon current things, such as Halloween and shadow Packs. As new card packs are being made, they will be out for a few weeks before going into their proper seasonal/holiday rotation

Give us your take on the forums and post your ideas as well!

New Characters Released!

  • Ghypsophila - Apprentice
  • Princess Ghypsophila - Veteran
  • Queen Ghypsophila - Master
  • Frost Queen - Legendary - (Will release next Friday!)
  • Cosoma Master Evolution - (Cosoma Titan)

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