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Oversoul is a free online PVP turn-based combat Battle Card MMO game that plays right inside your browser! Collect cards by battling over 190 monsters and other players in turn-based combat. Cut the deck and hit’em hard in high-score leaderboard tournaments... because the most important game to play when your luck runs high is the one where you possess all the cards!

  • Free to play right in your browser (no downloads or installs)
  • Card Game Battle System
  • Multiplayer Role Playing Game
  • Defeat monsters for a chance to possess them
  • Battle computer controlled monsters or other players
  • Unlock additional content with Soul Gems

Login and play using the "ONE LOGIN TO RULE THEM ALL!" Hint: That is the same login you use to to play EpicDuel, HeroSmash or log into this site.



Seasonal Rare Alpha Pirette!

Posted on October 04, 2013 by Nulgath

The Seasonal Alpha Pirette Apprentice!

The Alpha Pirate has set sail and is not on the map but the Alpha Pirette has landed. For a limited time you can capture her for your collection. Better catch her fast, she won't be visiting again till next year!

Coming Soon!

  • Rev is still Working on The Jop's Resonance writing entry!


Mana Guardian & Alpha Pirates!

Posted on September 20, 2013 by Nulgath

Contest Winner and Alpha Pirate!

Go find the Art Suggestion Winner, BlackShock's, Mana Guardian with attack animations suggested by you the players! Oh yarr... there's also some pirates sprinkled into the mix matey! Alpha Pirate's Seasonal Release is Live for a Limited Time!

Characters Released

  • Mana Guardian ( Art Suggestion by BlackShock )
  • Alpha Pirate ( Seasonal Release )
  • ???

Coming Soon!

  • Working on The Jop's Resonance writing entry!


3rd Oversoul Suggestion Winners!

Posted on September 10, 2013 by Nulgath


Character: Resonance

Written Suggestion by The Jop

Character: Mana Guardian

Art Suggestion by BlackShock

Question: Who here likes seeing their fellow Gamers get their character suggestions put into the Oversoul Game and would you like to see this done more often? Post your anwers in the Comment section of th Oversoul Facebook Page!


Contest Voting Polls

Posted on September 03, 2013 by Nulgath

Changing it Up

I chose entries that would make predictability of the winner more difficult. I also chose based on the uniqueness' of the artist's idea.

Player Participation

After seeing all the talented work produced for these contests, I've decided it might be interesting to start creating more characters based on player suggestions not in the contests. This way even suggestions that don't make it into the contest still have a chance to be chosen and put into the game. Good luck everyone!

Rev is Back!

Revontheus is back and ready to rock! He's even agreed to create one of the contest winner's characters!


web survey

surveys & polls


Voting will End September 09, 2013



AQW to Oversoul

Posted on August 30, 2013 by Nulgath

This is just a preview of some stuff I've been doing for AQW that will also come to OS! Stay tuned!



AE at Dragon Con 2013

Posted on August 26, 2013 by Nulgath


AE is having a panel at this year's DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia!

When: Saturday, Aug 31st @ 2:30pm until 3:30pm

Where:  Hilton, Grand Salon E



Omni Project Release

Posted on August 23, 2013 by Nulgath

Omni Project

With it set to release soon, all hands have been put onto the Omni project to make sure all goes well. This means other releases will have to be delayed till then. What better time to set another Art and Backstory Character Suggestion Contest!

OS's 3rd Character Suggestion Contest

Incas you're not familiar with this process... there will be TWO winners for two separate types of entries:

  • Character Art design!
  • Character Backstory!

You have until next friday to submit your Art and/or Backstory suggestions. Here's how:

  • You can submit your entries on the Oversoul Suggestion Forum Here!
  • You can also Tweet Nulgath on the Twitters with the hashtag #Oversoul ( Don't forget, if you don't add the hashtag #Oversoul, chances are I won't be able to find it in the flood of twitter feeds.)

You can submit as much as you like. I'll looks through as many as I possibly can. Once we have chosen the art and backstories, you the player community, will vote for your favorite in each category. Voting will last 1 week. The Art and Story suggestions with the most votes will be designed, animated and put into Oversoul!

Once we have chosen the entries for you to vote on, we will set the ending date for the voting! Stay Tuned!



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